Join us in the flamingo forest

By minting, you not only add a SolMushie to your portfolio, but also join a community that cares about the future of NFTs and Solana.




Creating a fun and engaging community

When it comes to NFTs on Solana, everything is about the community. Our first and most important step has been to create a fun, unique experience for our community members. There are sneak peeks of our art, frequent giveaways, and an amazing website that will continue to develop as our community grows. We recommend checking it out daily ;)


Mint day - September 24, 2021 - 15:20 UTC

Minting Day. We put a team together with more than 80 years of coding experience, because we intend to do this right.


Marketplace integration

We believe in creating the best opportunities for our community. That’s why soon after launch we will list on one or more marketplaces. Right now we’re evaluating which marketplaces provide the highest quality and give equal opportunity to anyone who wants to purchase a SolMushie or NFT.


Giving back to our community

Every single original minter of a SolMushie will get royalties on every future on-exchange sale of that Mushie forever. When you’re 80 years old and someone decides to buy a SolMushie, you’ll still be getting royalties :)



We believe in giving back, so we’ll be donating a percentage of all revenue from the mint to a charity voted on by the community. That’s right - you get to decide!


Airdrops to Mushies

All SolMushie holders will be airdropped the Beverage of Wisdom which they can use to enlighten their Mushie, allowing it to reach a state of eternal wisdom. Namaste! This will also create a new NFT version of the original Mushie. Beverages will be burnt during the fusion, and holders will be able to keep both versions of their immutable Mushies. And this is just the beginning!