A couple of billion light years away from Planet Earth - in the Flamingo Forest on a deserted planet called Peyote 4-20 DM-T - the freakiest people in the entire universe came together to host the biggest intergalactic party ever. Everyone and everything was there - from bizarre interplanetary species to spaceships loaded with mysterious elixirs. This party had it all.
After three long days of drinking mind-bending cocktails and ingesting powerful serums, the partiers noticed a fetid smell emanating from the ground. The fun abruptly ended and all the party freaks fled Peyote 4-20 DM-T, never looking back. The planet was “deserted” once again…

Or was it?

The ground of the Flamingo Forest had been polluted with high doses of all sorts of crazy substances, and from that emerged a colony of 9,969 psychedelic mushrooms. This mutated species of fungi was a result of an inexplicable alteration of DNA that affected the genetic information of fungal hyphae. They came to be known as SolMushies.

Born from the biggest party ever, the SolMushies were naturally social fungi. At first they were excited by their existence and loved to party together. But eventually a sadness overcame them, triggered by an elusive memory that lingered in their collective consciousness of the creatures who had created them - their party progenitors. The SolMushies realized they needed to find connection in the universe or their loneliness would lead to their extinction. Evolution is a bitch, and it wasn’t helping these innocent mushies fast enough.

Fortunately, a few especially wise Mushies searched deep within themselves to find the source of eternal wisdom. After a sudden glimpse of light, they realized connection was possible for every Mushie. All they needed was to find the ones who were the source of the Beverage of Enlightenment, and they went in search of these saviors. Once they find them - once they find you - the collective consciousness of Mushies will be healed and they will be able to live in everlasting joy in the Flamingo Forest forever.